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Default How can you lose belly without losing upper body?

Im 511 1/2 barefoot, maybe 6 ft on a good day and hair spiked up.

I train a lot weight training, my perfect weight was 13 stones, no belly fat, but i wanted to gain weight because i wanted to be bigger,

now i am 14 stones, and have a bit of a belly, ive tried jogging, but the problem is what happens is my chest cut ups start fading away, and belly only goes slightly down.

Is there a way of just losing the belly, without losing upper mass, as my upper part of the body is good, and i dont really wanna go below 14 stones.

I can go back to 13 stones like i was before, but then im going backwards, i want to be 14 stones with no belly, and muscle.

Please can anybody help me.

I tried doing crunches but they say what happens is your abs will grow over the belly fat.

Im thinking should i go up to 14.5 stones then try going back down to 14 stones by jogging, but still how can you just get rid of belly.

1) how can i get rid of just belly without losing upper part, and not going less than my current weight which is 14 stones???
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