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Default Re: I'm a boxer; any questions about boxing let me know?

Originally Posted by pecho26 View Post
Experienced something similar to this,when my opp didnt come to weigh ins at all and then he came into a looking like a ****ing hulk.,baring 10 kg on me.I was ****ing mad at my trainer because he didnt give a flying **** about it.
BROWN B. how much sparring did you do a week?
I saw kessler in one of interview saying that he doesnt do much sparring(once every 14 days)
I believe you should spar every session. Or nearly every session. I don't mean heavy sparring I mean conditioned sparring- drilled or working on specific things.

In the run up to a fight I would spar a lot, as a youngster I was only a super feather and I hated sparring. Everyone was bigger then me and I'd avoid sparring as often as possible but I didn't realise it was just hurting me. I wasn't testing myself and my self belief was too fragile.

In the run up to each of my five comeback fights I was sparring current British super middle champ kenny Anderson. He's a top fighter and has about two stone on me. He's also a banger 18-1 (13kos) so even though he wasn't trying to take my head off he would really make me dig deep.

I knew whatever I experienced in the ring wouldn't be as hard as that. I'd also spar others heavily I actually knocked out a few current pros in sparring but this heavy sparring can't be done regular or you'd be a zombie.

So too answer heavy sparring maybe once a week when your very fit, conditioned sparring as often as possible.
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