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Default Re: Who looks more impressive: Gennady Golovkin or Sergey Kovalev?

Originally Posted by reed_man02 View Post
I was impressed with Kovalev as well, but he has better fighters to deal with than does triple G. If triple G is as good as his fans say, he only needs to take out a declining Martinez to rule the division. Kovalev has to deal with Pascel and Dawson, not to mention the super middles who might move up.
Based on the Hopkins II and Ward performances for Dawson, and looking at Pascal against Kuziemski (even bearing the injury in mind) - Kovalev matches up very favorably against both. Otherwise, light heavy is very shallow. He easily beats Shumenov, Cleverly, White etc.

Not too many threats.

MW is actually pretty stacked, even outside the belt holders.

Golovkin would perhaps be a betting fave against most of them (and by KO) but even guy like N'Dam N'Jikam is a wild card, on a given night you could see him box his way to a decision if he could avoid getting dropped too many times.

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
MW is deeper and has a better overall quality of fighters than LHW does.
I agree.

If they both smash their way through the best of their respective decisions, it'll be equally impressive IMO. (Golovkin having more challenging opponents, and Kovalev launching into the mix with less pro & am experience than Golovkin)
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