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Default Re: What is Steve Collins Problem?

in a sense Collins sees himself as the white hagler.
He dismisses his close decision defeats to mccallum, johnson and kalambay and says he felt he won all 3. The networks ignored him as he fought in the era of the tv fighter where networks preffered 25-0 boxers who couldnt fight over 27-3 fighters like collins who could really fight and were willing to fight anyone. The eubanks that collins beat was perhaps 15% off his prime and collins beat him in Ireland twice on two very close decision wins which could have probably gone either way. He beat a Benn who tho on the surface not really removed from his prime, was mentally shot and scarred from the mclellan and malinga rematch. He lost to malinga but he wasnt shot. It only just emerged this year that there was a judges scores tallying mistake that night which if the correct score had been tallied would have resulted in benn beating malinga. So in essence Benn went into the collins fight unbeaten champ for almost 4 years and the two fights were barnburning equal matches but benn got injured than bailed out the second time cos he just couldnt be bothered anymore.
But collins-jones jnr wasnt a fight anyone except collins and the irish wanted. To suggest Jones jnr avoided him as he was scared is insane and there is something despicable about collins surfacing now and not 4 years ago when the shot jones jnr vintage of 2008 would have ****holed him within 5 rounds just like in 1997, this time collins is making a very big mistake thinking jones jnr wont still beat him easily
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