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Default Re: Wilder = A KO Waiting to Happen....

Originally Posted by Boxing Fanatic View Post
he may be chinny and his record may be padded, but, lets enjoy the ride there. if and when he gets knocked out, u guys can have your gin and juice and we can have a nice ko reel. i still think there is some potential there. he is fast, he has power and his defense is improving. wlad didnt have a great chin either but he is the best hw in the world right now. if deontay continues to play his cards right, he could get there. goldenboy knows he doesnt have much experience in boxing and his chin aint great, but, they could try their best to get him to the promise land either way they can for him. i hope he gets there. its been a while since we had a great american hw champ rule. i miss those days terribly
Believe it or not I don't actually want to see Wilder get beaten up by some scrub. I want to see him improve to the point where he can legitimately mix it with the top guys and fulfil whatever potential is there. But you can't fast track someone to a title or hold them back till legitimate threats are no longer part of the picture, and then expect them to magically become great. Greatness is earned, not manufactured.

Golden Boy are ****e promoters who are ****ing Jonty's career up big time and he needs to leave them ASAP if they don't make big strides in furthering his career by the end of this year. This might sound like a truism but they simply don't have his best intentions at heart.
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