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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by The Funny Man 7 View Post
Yeah as one guy said fighter's back then had a tendancy to pose in really weird stances.

But more importantly I think this illustrates the old axiom that boxing isn't a body building contest. Joe Calzaghe was never ripped or anything but I can't remember him looking winded during a fight. Juan Manuel Marquez never looked cut up, until recently, and his stamina has always been jawdropping. Same for Barrera. Same for Carlos Palomino and Winky Wright, all guys who could throw as many punches for as long as it took without running out of gas.

again this someone has bring some werid insecurity about bodybuilding,
did i saw these guys should look like phil heath....NO

i said that some of them look solf and flabby, and this is very rare
to find in any sport
espically one that demands speed, strength, endurance etc
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