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Default Re: Breakfast, the most important meal of the day? - Thoughts on this?

Originally Posted by s**** View Post
Pretty much like a Car. Check the Oil and Water, and make sure you top the Fuel up, before the journey. .
Yeah but if they eat they'll have one of those dreaded insulin spikes and their cortisol will be out of control

I agree with you btw s****. The body needs energy, release of cortisol makes you feel hungry and somehow it would be wise to ignore that because of an insulin spike. Cortisol is released to break down protein, this could be muscle tissue but why on earth would the body instantly chew up much needed muscle. This is needed for an energy boost since you just woke up and need a kick start. It gives you a sensation of hunger to make this very clear to you. If you eat there will be insulin, to signal that there is energy on its way and the body can stop chewing up fats (but also protein, the reason cortisol was released). And this is somehow bad, because... well... insulin is bad mkay.
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