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Default Re: Chad Dawson is making a big mistake...again!

Originally Posted by PityTheFool View Post
If one thing is crystal clear,it's that Chad seems completely incapable of looking inwards when it comes to accountability.I was never sold completely on Chad because my main gripe was that he could be terribly lazy during rounds when he had the ability to utterly dominate,but I felt going back with Ice was a good move.It's a rare occasion that I don't mind if Hopkins loses,so that tells me that I had bought into Chad,but I suspect it was more wanting John Scully to do well,because Chad's conduct here confirms my initial gut feeling was right.
We can all pick times where Chad looked good,but there's a far deeper issue here,and Ice was good enough when they were winning.
What would've happened if Chad had won? Would the Facebook issue have mattered?
Yeah I mean we can only guess right? It's Chad's mind. It's crazy how he is still the light heavyweight world champ but it doesn't feel true.
He's gotta do some soul searching as they say.
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