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Default Re: How would you re-invent Sky Box Office PPV

When i was growing up we had great nights such as Judgement Night.

Now you'd have a build up show all week, the show was intense and the fights built up even undercard bouts. Hyped up music as they show the fighters going through paces.

The card would start at 7pm IIRC and you'd have 4 quality title fights and sometimes even more from domestic to world titles. The likes of Paul Dempsey was in his element as he asked questions and pundits debated. The music as i say built the fights up and then the entrances were dramatic as they used lights and highlight vids of fighters and the fighters took time to enter the ring. The fights we're good as well..

It's all about the product, The product has to be better. The fact is as well back then Sky didn't have these other channels and SSN. Now they have the can utilize it and also the opposition through the card needs to be better like back then.

Edit: they also linked it to a U.S card so you were paying for 11-12 hours boxing. 15 for that is fine IMO as long as quality is there. The quality in the end of PPV on Sky wasn't good enough simply not good enough.

Look at Haye vs Valuev, Groves on undercard against some unknown journeyman and Ruiz. That was it now harp your mind back to the shows across UK such as Adrian Dodson vs Winky Wright and that was just a undercard bout.
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