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Default Re: Cruisers v Heavys

I guess the question is, looking at this, would you really back the 5 on the right to beat the 5 on the left.

What does this mean? I am not sure, but i think that it would be fair to say that the current top 10 heavyweights are not the current top 10 fighters in the world. I guess you could extend that to say that when the Klitchskos are cleaning out the division they are not really cleaning out the top 10 fighters in the world because those guys are simply not competing (even if they beat the top 10).

But I didnt want to get hijacked by a Klitschko v Old fighters thread. I was just interested to investigate what i thought a very interesting point about the current state of the new age Superheavyweight division and wondering whether anyone else saw these pick em fights the same way, or if the weight discrepancies were too much in favour of the big guys. Also, i wonder whether the same competitiveness would apply with other divisions. I imagine that the crossover competitiveness would become even more as they drop.
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