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Default Re: How come nobody talk about old semi shot Oscar taking Floyd to SD?

Originally Posted by Emeritus View Post
LMFAO @ people with agendas trying to say the fight was close with a straight face!

its statements like this that degrade the type of fight it was, this was boxing at the highest level weather you agree with the scoring or not, To me an SD either way is not out of the question this other than Castillo was one of Floyds defining moments as a fighter and to sit here and lie about it and make it seem like a shut out is pathetic Floyd had went through some adversity in this fight.

His Uncle was telling him after the 9th that Oscar was ahead and Floyd pulled through late and did his thing and eekeed out a Narrow single point SD win. to deny it is denying the very fact that Floyd faced a very game and able opponent who likely would have had the cards in his favor had he not turned it on later on in that fight.

I have no idea why people say this was a boring fight, sure it wasnt a brawl but this was a back and forth type boxing match in which both guys were trying to impose their game plan on each other...

to say that Floyd schooled Oscar is a lie, Hopkins schooled Oscar there is a big difference
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