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Default Re: Benn, Eubank, Watson, Collins v Ward? Who has the best chance to upset SOG?

I dont understand why people give so much significance to a fighters chin. Many fighters with great chins have been knocked down, but some even needed that to get the fire going in the fight. Wounded animals sort of thing. I think people should start to give "retaliation" more significance, it doesnt matter if you get knocked down (unless of course it means your down for 10 and lose the fight) what matters is how you come back and win the fight. Fighters that get knocked unconscious, that isn't 100% to do with the chin. Its mainly to do with the ability and vision to see that oncoming punch and be able to prepare for it. It tends to be a second of carelessness or recklessness that sees these sort of knockdowns occur. This multiplies the effect of the punch and the immediate reaction it has to the brain.

Hence the reason we have seen some wonderful punches thrown from Russia to the UK seemingly have no effect on the recipient. Purely because they had distance away and saw the punch coming.

The ones you dont see coming, are the ones that send you to sleep or give you serious chicken legs for a longer duration. Which leads to a longer needed period of recovery whilst receiving more punches in the process if your still "standing" that is.

How has that got everything to do with an Amir Khan like-chin? If you dont see the punch or prepare for it, its not got a lot to do with the chin. Fighters with the best so called "chin", tend to be fighters that dont get hit in that way at any time in a fight, they make sure they see the oncoming punches.
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