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Default Re: How come nobody talk about old semi shot Oscar taking Floyd to SD?

Originally Posted by Bullitt View Post
Oscar got beat by Floyd.....ducked Vernon Forrest and Winky Wright...then QUIT against Hopkins...

Oscar hired Sr so he could fight more like Floyd jr
He offered Wright a fight twice, and it was more than triple his highest career payday. Guess who turned it down? Winky.

As for Forrest, Oscar moved to 154 almost immediately after he lost to Mosley, while Forrest continued to campaign at 147 for years afterward, including his losses to Mayorga. He only moved up to 154 later, in 2005, at a time when DLH was retired. Forrest didn't come back until July 2007, after the Floyd-DLH fight, when Oscar was already basically semi-retired. Forrest even managed to lose to Sergio Mora in June 2008. He was nearing the end of the line, much like Oscar was.

Really, they were never at the same division at the same time in their prime to fight, and both were inactive/faded by the end. There was never a chance to fight.

DLH never should have been up at 160 to begin with. That'd be like Floyd or Manny going up to 160 (or even 154 in Manny's case.) Just too small to have any business there.

As for the Floyd Sr. thing, DLH hired him because he sacked Alcazar and wanted the best trainer available, not so he could imitate Floyd Jr.'s style.

Seriously, quit the trolling and post something facts-based for once, eh?
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