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Default Re: Chris Eubank versus Andre Ward

Tough fight to call imo.

You didn't have to be that good to trouble a less than 90-100 percent Eubank, but Ward's the kind of methodical technician Eubank could do well against best on best from what i've seen of him so far.

He's not fast or vicious with his punches, doesn't hit hard and is accurate but not overwhelmingly so with his shots.

I don't think he's as good a jabber, or punchpicker as Eubank at his best, though he doesn't have fights where those sort of things all drop of noticeably to varying degrees like Eubank routinely had...has a better average.Defence about equal, Eubank more talented with his head slips and radar, but less consistent and responsible.

Ward fights a bit more safety-first than usual and doesn't try and step in with those right hands and linger for exchanges or counters too much...he could well win.He's not quick or sharp enough for that sort of roughousing stuff against a guy who can counter with combinations or single shots very quickly like Eubank could, and Eubank certainly has a better countering ****nal up close.His short uppercuts were brutal punches.

Eubank would need to avoid letting Ward pull him around the ring, so whoever gets the other to consistently lead might well be who would win.a straight up fencing fight mostly held at ring-centre ? i edge to Eubank.

Ward is a fine fighter and one of the better ones around, but i don't see him as someone who is beyond this kind of level.He has the look of a prime lindell Holmes about him at 168.The compact physicality, tidy textbookness and being good at most things without much flashiness.Better than the older Holmes most are familiar with and probably more durable, but i'm not sure he's the kind of fighter that would give Eubank a boxing lesson like some of you guys seem to think.

imo The Watson that took on Eubank at 168 was a better fighter than Ward has shown so far.Sharper more vicious offence especially, Ward's right hand is like an old woman's in comparison. great pace and workrate, very solid defence.

Let's see Ward dismantle a good quick stylist or boxer-puncher or two before the wide decision calls come out.Kessler looked like **** after the Calzaghe fight and Froch as much as i like him as a more than the sum of the parts fighter, is glacial slow and poorly skilled.One thing to look the stylist against them and another against someone who can really box when he's on his game and won't have a static head just there to be hit.

All this said, i wouldn't be surprised if Eubank stinks the place out and loses by about 4 points either.
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