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Default Re: Chris Eubank versus Andre Ward

Incidentally while i was typing that up i was reviewing the Froch vs Ward and Eubank vs Wharton fights just to remind myself of some things.

The difference in quality of punching from Froch and Wharton was actually quite comical at times.Wharton was firing of well thrown not particularly telegpraphed leads with both hands and delivering varied 3 punch combinations with ease...ending with short uppercuts off the lead hand, double left hooks to body and head etc

and missing much of them

Froch on the other hand could barely string together a combination or a quality punch you couldn't see coming from a mile away.And he was even slower!

The difference in the level of offensive output each fighter had to deal with in those wins was considerable.Not that i think the two fights in themselves give a great indication of how a fight between them would go(eubank and ward OR froch and Warton), but it was funny to watch.
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