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Default Re: Who should Anderson Silva fight next?

Originally Posted by the_bigunit View Post
But he was. The middleweight division has always been one of the weakest. Stann lost to Bisping, Bisping lost to Sonnen, Sonnen had just lost to Silva, Belfort and Okami (1-3) had lost to Silva in '11, Shields was at 170, Palhares lost to Belcher, Belcher was making noise but had just two fights since returning from his eye injury, Boetsch was unimpressive against Lombard (as was Lombard), Rockhold was in Strikeforce, and Weidman was about to shed his prospect label against Munoz.

Munoz hadn't lost decisively since 2009 and that was against Hamill at 205lbs and had won 7 of his last 8 (the loss being a close split decision to Okami). There was huge speculation that Munoz was to receive a title shot if he beat Leben (over a year before he even met Weidman). Leben, who was still a hot commodity (had won 4 out of his last 5 - including desolating Wanderlei and pulling out 2 wins in 2 weeks (Simpson, Akiyama)).

Not to mention, at the time, Munoz's Donkey Kong power and (overrated) wrestling was thought to be a big stylistic matchup for Anderson Silva.
IMO Okami's win over Munoz was very decisive, don't know what fight that third judge was watching but Munoz couldn't get anything going against Okami. I also thought Maia got robbed against Munoz. I too have always considered Munoz's high ranking in MW more a testament to the weakness of the division than a credit to his skills as a fighter. The guy went life and death with Kendall Grove and didn't come close to taking down Okami. I don't think many people seriously thought he was a threat to Anderson.

I probably should have said Rockhold's resume was arguably better than Weidman's. It's hard to compare given the separation of the two divisions, but with Strikeforce being absorbed into UFC, I think time will show Kennedy and Jacare > Munoz and Maia
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