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Default Re: since it was the heat that made SRR lose

Originally Posted by jowcol View Post
Joey is an ATG non-champ. He had a set of whiskers and was a defensive specialist. Interesting that, after the subsequent Archie wars, he took a (mere) 8 rounder against the up and coming Patterson then, went back to 10 rounders before his career smoldered. Perhaps John Garfield could give us some insight into that Patterson s****.
i was ringside at Eastern Parkway Arena that night, j. It was filled with very vocal Patterson supporters, who thought he was the second coming of Ray Robinson, as I did.

Maxim consistently beat Floyd to the punch with machine gun jabs, 'n lead rights; though not as hard Floyd's, spot on target.

Floyd threw eye-catching flurries, to the delight of his fans, but were largely nullified by Maxim's hunched shoulders, 'n Maxim marched forward, not letting him get set.

In my view, Maxim, the cunning vet, won decisively, in spite of the loud booing from Patterson loyalists. At that stage of Floyd's career, he bit off more than he could chew.
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