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Default Your WORST punch/ My Right Uppercut.

What is your opinions of learning certain punches and your ability to throw certain ones as good as others. I know everyone and all the pros have punches that are better for them than others, but why cant you master all punches!?

I have been boxing since I was 9, competed, and one thing I dont understand, and havnt been able to for along time is that, why cant I throw a good right uppercut! My best attrbute is speed, Im orthadox, and can throw a lighning left hook, jab, straight right n left uppercut, but my righthook is SLOW, even though I know im tons faster than that punch i only wish i could show you. Yet if I go southpaw, I can throw left uppercut like lighning, its infuriating!? Just been throwing my back uppercut from southpaw n then trying to do it in my normal orthadox and its so slow, so much so I had to come on here n vent it! N beleive me ive had about 5 different coaches, but the technique isnt a problem cus i can do it from southpaw, and ive been aware about it for years now, I cant do it. Will it ever come or can those muscles not work as fast as the rest of me? Deepest apologies for the retarded writing I just typed as I thought!
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