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Default Re: Who should Anderson Silva fight next?

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
He was also taken down multiple times by Chris Leben. He's been taken down in pretty much all of his fights, in fact. Munoz may have the most overhyped wrestling pedigree in the sport.

Yeah, I've ranted on this before. I am now dubbing it -- Mark Munoz Syndrome.

Originally Posted by the_bigunit
Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis is the perfect example. It's a push to even say Evans was decent at Michigan State. Davis on the other hand was an absolute STUD at powerhouse Penn State.

But Evans outwrestled Davis inside of the Octagon in amazing fashion.

Collegiate wrestling doesn't always translate perfectly over to MMA. Mark Munoz is my favorite example. Well it's not really that the collegiate wrestling isn't transferring well it's that Munoz chooses to use only his upper body strength. And is NOT a great MMA wrestler.

On the other spectrum you have guys like Rashad Evans, Jon Fitch, and Georges St. Pierre who were either ****-poor in college (Evans, Fitch) or had no organized experience (St. Pierre), yet, are dominating the MMA scene with their wrestling, MMA Wrestling, if you will.

The only fighters, of recent memory, to truly showcase world-class wrestling inside the Octagon as well as the NCAA Division I scene is Josh Koshcheck and Daniel Cormier. (A case can be made for Lesnar and Sonnen as well.)

As for my case against Hendrick's MMA-wrestling, he has yet to control a decent wrestler inside of the Octagon.

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