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Default Re: Who should Anderson Silva fight next?

Originally Posted by (PimpThaSystem) View Post
IMO Okami's win over Munoz was very decisive, don't know what fight that third judge was watching but Munoz couldn't get anything going against Okami. I also thought Maia got robbed against Munoz. I too have always considered Munoz's high ranking in MW more a testament to the weakness of the division than a credit to his skills as a fighter. The guy went life and death with Kendall Grove and didn't come close to taking down Okami. I don't think many people seriously thought he was a threat to Anderson.

I probably should have said Rockhold's resume was arguably better than Weidman's. It's hard to compare given the separation of the two divisions, but with Strikeforce being absorbed into UFC, I think time will show Kennedy and Jacare > Munoz and Maia

Don't get me wrong, I'm not running a campaign for Munoz. I don't like him or his game, at all. (Albeit, that stupid-powerful ground 'n pound is fun for kicks.) But the division ****ing parted like the Red Sea for that guy.

Well Maia has since picked up some good wins. I don't see Kennedy cracking the top-10 nor Souza a top-5 in the division. But doesn't matter really, Rockhold's badass, nonetheless.

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