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Default Re: Dempsey v Langford

Originally Posted by Boilermaker View Post
The Fitz/Langford/Corbett/Jeffries era was considered a golden era similar to the way the 70s is today. That is so often forgotten when reviewing boxing today.

Johnson did hate the weight shift of the new champions, so obviously he is going to be more biased. Whether this makes him more right or less right is not clear, but his record both in the ring and in making predictions of fault, is not too shabby and probably gives him as much credibility as anyone.

Incidentally, I am surprised that the Dempsey pitchfork brigade didnt pick on the fact that Dempsey not only ducked Jack Johnson in prize fighting, but also in actual sparring. What an absolute tragedy that we cant even witness a sparring session on film between these two greats.
B,I,as a member of Dempsey's "pitchfork brigade",ask aren't you carrying this
denigration of Dempsey just more than a tad too far. Now you have Dempsey "ducking " Jack Johnson of all people who was a shot FORTY ONE
year old fighter in 1919 when Dempsey first became champ and Johnson
was for all purposes retired soon after...Why knock Dempsey for even
this ? I can understand some ESB posters disappointment that Dempsey
didn't hook up with a Harry Wills or a Harry Greb who were viable fighters in 1919-26, but Jack Johnson ??? Johnson was 11 years older than even Harry Wills...Dempsey is more villified than Benedict Arnold on ESB...???
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