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Default Re: Haye: Will Klitschko quit?

Originally Posted by Todd498 View Post
Haye doesn't have the chin or stanima to last 8 rounds with Vitali. Haye will have to be on the move more so than he was against Valuev. And he'll take more punishment too. You think Haye will pressure Vitali the way Chisora did?? I'd LOVE to see him try. Lacks the chin and endurance.

Haye will be worn down and stopped by another 40+ year old
I do not think Haye will pressure him.

The tacitc against Wlad is the best tactic to win against Vitali.

Haye has the power to make big damage with single punches. Avoid the punches from Vitali, quick footwork and Haye is able to avoid the punches from Vitali and than counter him.

Watch the fight against Chris Byrd in 2000 and you can see how you can win. Byrd wasn´t a puncher. Haye is more fast and more powerful than Byrd.

Haye has the boxing skills and the intelligence in the ring to be able to win against Vitali.

Wlad was calm and he had the patience not to walk into the trap.

Vitali will not have this patience.

Watch the fight against Johnson and Byrd.

Haye is all wrong for Vitali.
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