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223 pages of klit**** drivel

klits only claim to notoriety is getting his face pounded by a fat, physically impaired Lennox Lewis who only stuck around for the possibility of another Tyson payday

Klit prepared for over a year ahead with rigorous physical and mental training and had been studying Lewis for this whole time. He ambushed a fat Lewis who literally just showed up, hungover and made Vittles run back with near structural damage to his face.

Lewis retires not bothering to fight him again because of how he beat him to a bloody pulp at his worst, at walk around weight with limited training.

Vitali ends up getting multiple stitches to multiple deep wounds on his face and he really "won" because he was up on the scorecards? LOL. What if the ****er ended up with an infection on his face, blind in one eye? I'm sure he would have still "won" because he was ahead on the scorecards before the stoppage.
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