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Originally Posted by BadDog View Post
Please respond to this
weak fighter would struggle against another weak fighter as much as a strong fighter would struggle against another strong fighter. So they would receive same amount of damage.
When you fight less often against weaker opposition you don't accumulate the same damage. Like I said, this is common sense.

Your whole argument was based on the biased opinion that HW division is weak, however I just proved that it is irrelevant in this argument.
Im sorry, link me to one expert who says its strong. I can find several who say its weak.

p.s. the link is to boxrec HWs and it shows their ages.
Boxrec doesn't lie about people's ages.
Feel dumb? everything you wrote here is irrelevant cause you are an idiot. **** off now.
Now what are you gonna do? dissapear again for a month? lol Typical brainless hater.

Who says its lying about ages? the average age of the list your supplies is 31 so it doesn't even reach your criteria of mid to late 30's being prime. On top of that its obvious several of the fighters in that list have slipped. So what am I gonna do now? I'm going to ask you AGAIN, for the upteenth time, where is your link showing todays heavyweight magically age different than all other athletes in the world? Bottom line is you can't answer because it simply isn't true. Several people have pointed this out and you ducked those posts too. And your boxrec link doesn't cut it since the average age is just over 31 with several fighters showing signs of slipping.

Face it lil doggy, you're my *****!!
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