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Default Re: "I see a lot of Russian kids who are in here from Bulgarium" - Tito Ortiz

Originally Posted by globeman View Post
He thinks "Bulgarians" are from Russia. no dif from every other bloke thinking Dagestanis or chechens are russians..
Im a quarter Chench and am close enough to ride to Russia on horse back in weeks, whats the big freaking deal with you Dagestanis? And why do you have to try to include the Chechens with the Dagestanis ? We live in a area that is known on world maps of old as PART of or CLOSE to russia, what else do you think is going to happen? If your Chenchen i am going to be even more upset at you my country man. If your Dagestanis i would at least expect you to be clueless you Russian hater. I live in Canada now, some people think its part of the States, do i freak out and hate the States? Nope and you Dagestanis really need to chill right the hell out on how your not god damned russian, like DUH, you dont gotta say it like its a INSULT, people over the entire globe are stupid, not just degestanis fella. dont try claiming that the russians are more stupid than the degestanis, thats bullshyte, they are both as stupid as each other as they are human, just like my stupid chenchen uncle that is always getting in fights with people calling him russian by accident, ive ****ing had it with you people and your geographic spell checker NAZI tactics. You want to play ignorance? Thats what game you want to play? Judge the world for its ignorance of where your god damned country is located and just all the CRIMEs the big bad country NEXT DOOR kicked your countrys ass with for centuries? You want to use that HATE and PAIN to create OFFENSE and then JUDGE others as being OFFENSIVE to make such a HORRIFICLY ignorant claim just because they know shyte about your god damned part of the world?

because i love doing that as its freaking funny as hell and a right goodly power trip you freaking russian hating *******
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