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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by Manassa View Post
Absolutely idiotic thread.

The fact that the author seems oblivious to the sarcasm directed his way is proof of that.

There were nonathletic looking types back then, there are nonathletic looking types today.

Do you really need examples, or could you think for a moment?

hey asshole
have you ever done any sports

if you ever did, you would know
many times
nonathletic looking people are often actually NON ATHLETIC

i posted capes vs arnold actually to prove that
more muscles doesnt always mean
more power
and while capes was a beast,arnold was not a weakling by any means

but in general, i will tell you a secret
a guy with ****ing 16 inch thighs is usually not that strong
and yes being strong matters to some degree in any combat sport

have you ever done any ****ing sports? because if you did, you would know that
power much like speed is important

please dont lie

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