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Default Re: Anyone Facebook Friends with Rid**** Bowe?

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
i just found it..i got involved in some discussion between jose ribalta and Bowe about them fighting, now and in there primes (although both of them seem to think they are still in their primes)...anyhow, I said that Bowe should win, but that Jose at his best could give someone problems (basically Bowe was saying he wouldnt even need to train..could beat him with one hand tied behind his back, all that ****) This converstaion took place on Bowes wall,

anyhow, then bowe went and posted this on my wall

I commented on his post..again a post on my wall, with this

Too which he responded with this

so he didnt actually call me asshole on my wall (although he might have said that at another time on one of his posts) but he did say i have **** for brains...

after that I commented back on how Pierre Coetzer had been given him all kinds of problems until he started hitting him with ball shots, and how herbie hide had him out on his feet, and how golota was kicking his ass until he imploded. Basically i just did turn into a asshole troll because the **** for brains comment annoyed me.

we are still facebook friends however.
Good story

It goes to show how classless some people are, or maybe just that they've had smoke blown up their **** for too long. You said you'd have him as favourite against almost any fighter who ever lived and he tells you you have **** for brains because you suggested a good fighter might give him a tough fight

I don't think it's fair to troll someone like Bowe over the internet, but I don't like him much.
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