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Default Re: Should Khan have been stopped in round 6

Originally Posted by AllyT
I take it you are an Arthur fan.

FW has apparently spoken with Arthur about a future match between these two. How long do think it would last?
Big Arthur fan here. Also spent a wee while at the Leith Victoria myself last year.

Leading into the fight last night I'd have said Khan v Arthur would have been a bloody difficult one to call. After last nights fight, I still think it would be a tough fight for both guys. But Arthur would stop Khan I now think. He has the power and extra shots that Limond lacks.

No chin of steel himself, but I think it is more solid than Khans.

As for improving you chin, I'm not convinced it is the actual chin that improves. For sure Khan has to improve his defence (which will certainly help), but one lapse or good shot to the chin could have him in a lot more bother than many fighters. It has been pointed out elsewhere that many fighters have gone on to have excellent careers with a weakish chin, as could Khan. But any top level boxer with a good punch on them will be gunning to get in the ring with him now.
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