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Default Re: razor ruddock of 1990 vs george foreman of 1990 who wins and why???

Originally Posted by ETM View Post
Id bet quite a bit on Foreman.

Big George was vunerable to guys that could stick and move and avoid his power. Guys that were elusive. Ruddock didnt have the ring IQ to do this.

Foreman knew how to set up his power shots better than Razor Ruddock. He could time him and most importantly he would stuff that big jab in Razor`s grill over and over. Foreman would catch him wide open and off balance as Ruddock often was.

George Foreman just to smart and experianced to lose to Ruddock. I think he would put Ruddock down a few times before the referee got tired of counting and stopped it.

Foreman TKO 7th
Very very interesting fight and a highly competitive one. A real shame the idiot New York boxing writers cabal of 6-7 individuals were too busy disparaging Foremans comeback with vindictive zeal and ignorance to realise this would have been a blockbuster.
Ruddock circa 87-89 was actually a highly mobile HW he could really move. But he abandoned this strategy in his career around the 2nd Tyson fight.
So in theory Ruddock has the tools to move and box but as you say he really lacked the ring IQ or discipline to do this. Ruddock was very ****y in the ring.
I see his blistering smash being negated by Foremans cross arm defence and Foreman would not have a problem with ruddocks power after all his second incarnation showed one of the best chins in HW history and noted punchers stewart,morrison,Moorer and ****ey couldnt dent him.
FOREMAN patiently walks him down, there is a knockdown or 2 along the way before he stops him for good in the 7th.
POST EDIT: I ACCIDENTALLY PUT RUDDOCK walks him down on last post I meant Foreman!!

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