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Default Re: How would you re-invent Sky Box Office PPV

Some good answers in here already, and I agree with Oli here about this fight.

Originally Posted by oli View Post
Good question. And sorry to burst people's bubble but some are talking like this fight Leonard v Hagler, well it's not. Yes it will be entertaining but let's come back down to earth a minute. This is still a hardcore fans fight, it's one we have already seen once, we've seen both comprehensively beaten (twice) and no matte what else anyone says all it does it decide who the 2nd best in the world is after Ward.

Yes its a good fight but It's not the mega fight its bein made out to be. Nobody got this stiff of a ***** over their first fight so i don't quite understand it to be brutally honest.

If it has to be on ppv, first of all the price should be a tenner or less. Secondly the fight should be massive. Huge. Froch and Kessler on PPV? **** off. Most of the Pacquiao fights, Marquez fights, and even Mayweather fights are on Sky 1. Froch and Kessler on ppv is a joke. This isn't Tyson Lewis, or Mayweather Pacquiao FFS. Most people in this country don't know who Kessler is. Froch is not exactly a superstar either. Under card better be good also.

The presentation also has to be a lot better. If they're gonna put a fight on PPV, they better have a good build up show, good music, lighting, highlights, footage from the dressing rooms of each fighter, a good amount of post fight ****ysis, no ad breaks between rounds- keep quite and let us hear what the trainers are saying, and for ****s sake, stop apologizing for the language, you ****s. Sky can't compete with the budget of HBO so we're unlikely to get a slick, classy experience with good pundits. Instead we'll have to put up with an atmosphere that resembles a glorified sports hall and those clowns Nelson, Piper, Smith and McCrory.
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