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Default Re: Bones title defences

If we are judging Jones' title defence's , I think the nature in which he defeated all those opponents should also be taken into consideration - ie, he ****ing demolished them all. With the exception of Bonnar , who , last fight excluded, is usually one of the most durable fighters in the UFC, and Rashad, who could be considered a bit of a decision specialist, he has absolutely dominated them all and finished them convincingly. Nobody has totally dominated Rua , the way Jones did, no other fighter has submitted Machida in such a brutal fashion, etc etc .....

There is no doubting Jones' superiority over his challengers at LHW, he makes the title contenders look like gate keepers, but there is also no disputing the fact that his natural physical attributes give him HUGE advantages over his opponents - the reach advantage he has over the other fighters at LHW is just ridiculous, almost to a point where it seems unfair on the other fighters. Which is why I , and a large number of fans are so keen for him to move up to heavy weight, so we can find out if he can be as successful in a division in which he cannot rely on his stretch armstrong reach, to help him win fights, as his opponents will be of a more equal stature.

Basically, I would like to see him fight someone his own size
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