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Default Re: Bones title defences

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
You consider the Vitor defence to be of the same quality as the Rashad defence? No way.
I was very drunk when I wrote it. Rashad 7.5 and Belfort 7 is probably more realistic.

Originally Posted by the_bigunit View Post
Jones/Rua is, at least, a 9. Shogun's the greatest fighter Jones has beaten thus far, and Jones utilized all facets of MMA in that fight.
I probably underrated the Rua win. 8 I think would be fair due to the long lay off and the injury before the fight. Plus the fact that he just got dominated by Gustafsson brings the score down a bit.

Originally Posted by the_bigunit View Post
If I had to give ratings: Jon Jones vs

- Mauricio Rua (9-10). We haven't see a better LHW since (other than Jones, himself.)
- Lyoto Machida 8.5-9). Machida gave Jones some trouble early on. Jones almost puts him away with that choke early because he didn't want to get eventually caught by Machida. Still proves Jones can end a guy as great as Machida's night -- whenever he ****ing wants.
-Rashad Evans (8-8.5). Evans, I believe, has an undervalued legacy and although Jones' win over him wasn't very spectacular -- once he beat Evans -- you just think to yourself "whose left at 205 to challenge this guy?"
- Belfort, Jackson (6-7.5?). But can't give him a 60 - cause wouldnt that mean he failed? Who honestly ****ing cares. Doing this on the iPhone sucks.

What do y'all think, brethren?
Had it been a prime Rua I would agree. Maybe I should give a higher score due to the way Jones dominated but I can't see it over 8.5 max. 9-10 are for beating other ATG's in thier prime.
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