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Default Re: How would you re-invent Sky Box Office PPV

Originally Posted by Jack View Post
Not necessarily.

When Matchroom decided to try and make darts into a bigger sport, I'm sure they lost money at first. The venues would have been more expensive, there wasn't a huge fanbase like there is now, they had to cover the costs for lighting, music and things like that. Everything was on a much bigger scale and it's hard to imagine they made a profit on those shows all the time. However, it was an investment. If they lost money for 6 months, what does that matter if you make money for the next 6 years?

Neither Brook or Froch are big stars who can sell 700k on PPV like Haye can. However, that's not to say they can't become that big. They just need to be promoted well to get there and if that takes a while to do but it pays off eventually, then it's the right business model.

I can't see it happening tbh. They can be promoted as well as possible, but if the fighter's themselves haven't got that star quality, then no amount of promoting can do the job. David Haye, whther you love him or hate him is a good talker. Articulate, outgoing and he's a heavyweight with very good power. That always sells. I don't think Brook or Froch have anything that is gonna make the average guy take notice of them.
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