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Default Re: Ways to protect your solar plexus?

Originally Posted by brown bomber View Post
Lol... Jump out of the way and pivot!? Really. That's the only way you can deal with body shots ? Some advice on here is terrible. Try using your elbows- if your stood right they sit on the side of your body anyway.

You can use both of them, since you're probably on the inside at that moment. Don't pull down your arms, that will leave your face open. Instead hunch a little so you cover both your face and body, and don't bring the right elbow too close, as you'll open yourself up for a liver shot.

Or you could slightly twist your upper body and not move your arms at all, if you know what I mean. That also gives you opportunity to come back with something (if you twist to the left you're in perfect position for a left hook or uppercut for example), which is nice. The moment you feel something tapping your elbow, the hand attached to that elbow can counter. Tap on right elbow? Throw a short and crisp right hand inside whatever punch he'll follow up with.

Not sure if I'm making much sense, I'm feeling a little vague today
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