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Default Re: Ways to protect your solar plexus?

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
The hell are you talking about.. in a lot of gyms the etiquette is as hard as you want to the body and take it easy on the head. Body shots hurt but head shots can leave you with permanent damage.
Same here. If you can hurt someone to the body, do it. We always hunt for livers in sparring. I got put on the canvas in sparring once by a taller and heavier guy, he had been hunting for my liver for rounds and I could no longer run. I collapsed, in pain, laughing like a farmer with toothache and calling him an asshole. He responded by "humping" me from behind while laughing loudly, attracting the attention of the entire gym. I was unable to move for 10 to 20 seconds, all I could do was listen to a gym full of laughing people

Fun times
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