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Default Re: What is the biggest fight in boxing history?

I think Gene Tunney v Jack Dempsey rematch attracted $2.5 million at the gate, adjusted for inflation that is what these days would be $33 million at the gate !

33 Million Dollars.
That's just live gate.
Not TV, not radio, no film rights, no PPV.
Publicity was done through newspapers.

It was incredible in financial terms, and turned out to be a memorable fight as well.

By comparison, eleven years later Louis and Schmeling drew half as much money for their rematch.

I actually think nothing came close to Tunney-Dempsey 2 until Ali fought Frazier in 1971.
I don't think anyone ever drew that much cash at the gate, even WITH inflation and the lower value of the dollar.
No fight drew $2.5 million live gate until perhaps the 1970s.

The closed circuit TV theatre-shown fights of the 1960s with Patterson, Liston and Ali didn't draw a hell of a lot more WITH the closed circuit receipts !
And that's just straight, without talking about inflation.

It's mind-boggling how the crowds and money gathered to watch boxing back then in the 1920s. And you can bet many of those paying customers had never seen those guys fight before.
(They probably left the stadium having not seen them yet either ! unless they brought binoculars)
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