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Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Yeah, sucks on my iphone now.

Tin_Ribs re-watching Aguirre and already I'm feeling like I'm there and am not seeing a nonce, I'm seeing a character.

Herzog's direction is what makes it so real. Documentary style almost, and the actors actually go on that journey. It's mental. One of my grippest gripes with the 'historical epic' (not that this fits that category for obvious reasons) is when you've got different nationalities all speaking English (or whatever) yet with this it grabs me so much I don't even notice all the Spaniards speaking German after a while

Herzog only has himself to blame for taking someone he knew was so volatile through this and Fitzcarraldo

You seen Woyzeck?
The last great hallucinator, one film critic called him. The stories, the impossible production and the characters all seem to meld together as an extension of him onscreen. Aguirre had me spellbound from the opening moment when the mist breaks and you see the army of conquistadors descending the mountain. The late, great Florian Fricke deserves an immense amount of credit too for that score with the choir organ. I can sit and listen to it for hours on loop.

Woyzeck is excellent too, though not for everyone. Weird feel to it, sort of detached but claustrophobic at the same time. I wonder what Eva Mattes makes of the revelations about Kinski? She liked him a lot iirc.

You seen many of the Herzog documentaries Flea?
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