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Default Re: What is the biggest fight in boxing history?

Originally Posted by AREA 53 View Post
Ali-Frazier 1st no doubt, its a fight that Transcended the sport, the Man and the women in the street got caught up in the anticipation factor, i remember school playground sparring sessions and disputes as to who would win, most knew Clay / Ali from old, the Non Boxing fan was not so familiar with Joe Frazier, that the TV channels started giving news updates, Replays of Frazier Hammering Ellis, and nearly beheading Bob foster caused a lot of people a rethink, The satellite communications industry had come on in leaps and bounds now (most of) the world could go to a selected Movie theatre to see this "ėvent" live Russians, Orientals, Africans, Mediterraneans Asians, Probably Eskimo Nell and her family too, could probably get a screen viewing, With Ali-Foreman Ali was a big underdog, With such as Leonard- Duran or Leonard-Hearns these were Fight Fans Fights, Louis - Scmeling ? were Africa Asia or the Eastern Block Interested ? or even Aware ??

- Ali - Frazier were undefeated, at or near The top of their game, Polar opposites in style and personality, and the world was becoming a smaller place with the backdrop of Politics, Social change, Conflict and communications capabilities, The world seemed to stop for this fight, ( It wouldnt suprise me if UFO sightings increased during this period...Even those little bug eyed greys may of been looking in to see what all the fuss was about...) theres a fairly decent documentary about this called "The Fight" its worth a viewing to get an echo of the excitement that this fight caused, and of course the anticipation proved fully justified, it was a great fight too. good memories
I was 14 years old & it was the buzz of the school amounst all the teachers & pupil's alike. All the politics & social issue's of the era contrived to make this thee most talked about & anticipated contest EVER

Good over evil, conservative v radical, give it any handle you like, it was more than just a boxing match. jeezus i'll tell yer this! Clay/Ali was a seriously hated individual back then
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