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Default ATGs who don't look impressive on film.

If we all ranked fighters purely based on how impressive they looked on film, although Robinson would probably still be numero uno, it's fair to say that P4P lists would look a lot different. We do look at ability, obviously, but we also have to take into account a host of other factors. Resume, longevity, title defenses, weight-jumping, titles held, etc. Many different things. But, throwing all of that stuff out of the window for a second, who are the ATGs who fail to impress you on film? There have been occasions I'll be looking at a supposed ATG, and although I know the fighter in question has achieved great things, beaten very good fighters, the footage itself just doesn't impress me a great deal. I can't be the only one.

So, yeah, ATGs who fail to impress you with their abilities. I suppose the fighter doesn't necessarily have to be an all-timer, but at least one that is held in very high regard. Discuss.
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