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Default Re: Jorge Ahumada vs. Yaqui Lopez

Apart from the Rossman win, of the top of my head, i struggle to think of a top scalp claimed by Yaqui, he usually seemed to be the gallant loser, John Conteh probably handled him easiest, a one handed Conteh at that, but that is more a tribute to Conteh and his versatility, perhaps i am being a bit unfair to Lopez, perhaps a few compassionate refs would of Pulled him off of Saad Muhammed in the 2nd fight when he hammered with an absolute fusillade of Punches, and their probably would not of been too many complaints outside of the Saad camp, Saad was indeed close to being Sad that night, Lopez's losses to Galindez were close perhaps more because of Victors Coasting habits, James Scott and Mike Spinks had to overcome very vigorous resistence from a faded Yaqui, they say timing is everything, and perhaps Lopez would of won a few more top bouts if he had fought these opponents at his best...instead of at theirs. .

Jorge, of course is often seen a Galindez's Whipping boy, but Victor didnt have it so easy when he took on a Jorge in their 4th fight, with Jorge nearer his prime, perhaps due to styles, Jorge the Bulldozer couldnt quite overcome Victor the Tank, but Jorge did have some good nights, looking very Good in blasting out Bobby Cassidy, and perhaps he was hard done by with that Draw against the aging Bob Foster, I remember thinking that when he lost to John Conteh, not many other Lt Heavy's would have the abilty, and if they did have the ability, the Ability to sustain that ability, in the face of Jorges toughness, and aggression, to keep him off for 15 rounds,

so really two tough talented guys, nearly men who came along during a very rich vein of lt Heavy's, it might be a coin toss, but i cant help but think that Alvaro for some reason falls short on the big occassion, Jorge Closely on points for me, i think i favour his general consistency over Lopez's sprodic excellant fightbacks...
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