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Default Re: Victor Galindez vs Antonio Tarver

Originally Posted by lora View Post
Tarver was never athletic, power.He was ponderous and slow of hand and foot, nothing special in the workrate or stamina areas.Decent durability i suppose.

I think his best strengths were his heavy handedness and awkward ranginess.

I could see him making it an ugly fight if he uses his range and fights cautiously, as Galindez had his tendencies to take portions of rounds off and try and draw fighters in to counter too much.can't see him winning, but.
In athletic I mean in the same sense as Lennox Lewis, ponderous unbalanced feet yes but able to explode with big powerpunches very quickly. His hands look quicker when he lets them go but he can. He looks sloppy but his range makes him hard to fight, especially from range.

Tarver at his best generally from Harding 2-Jones 2, aswell as being sharper he looks every bit a big puncher through that stage of his career

Either way I'm not saying he's P4P better than Galindez by any means just far bigger at the weight

Originally Posted by Lester1583 View Post
As far as I know Monzon and Galindez were friends so the fight was never seriously mooted.

There were some talks of Conteh-Monzon though:,3076146
Cheers Lester I always wondered about Monzon-Galindez, with them both being Argies it'd seem an easier bout to make, but if they were friends maybe not, although friends do sometimes put friendships aside for business fights

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Monzon had little to offer Conteh, even with the Scouser's relatively short reach.

Monzon would likely put up a more scientific effort in a bout that resembles the Conteh-Lopez bout.

The Argie was a perfect middle.
He probably matches up better against Galindez, which imo would be his window for 2 weight greatness
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