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Default Re: ATGs who don't look impressive on film.

Originally Posted by salsanchezfan View Post
Not an ATG, but I really don't get the big fuss over Howard Winstone. I see nothing remotely exceptional about him. He seems to be famous solely for having lost three times to Saldivar.

And while I fully acquiesce that Saldivar was quite great indeed based on his accomplishments, his style seems very pedantic to me and one of the least dynamic of any featherweight ATG.
ouch! I don't want to come off as too assholeish and think you're a really good honest poster Sal, but are you sure you gave him enough of a fair watch on his own merits without letting the comparisons between him and Sanchez as mexico's top featherweights cloud or agitate you a bit?.

Fair play if he just isn't for you and of course it would follow if you're not impressed with him you wouldn't be impressed with who he beat either.

I think stuff like Saldivar v Ramos, Laguna, Seki rematch, first two Winstone fights, Famechon fight are all feather classics full of dynamic two-way skill and back and forth exchanges.

For Winstone i can see how he's not for everyone as well.Being a semi-standup fighter and not being any kind of puncher despite often fighting like one, though imo he was a really good textbook fighter with a superb left hand.I'd compare him as a feather to the often underrated Ruben Castillo, though imo Winstone was a better jabber and a bit sharper overall.

His name was made on his skill being highly rated as he worked his way through various contenders and then the first two Saldivar fights which were as big as barrera vs Morales back then.Not a long prime though.a lot of the footage of him is past his best, but the fights with the talented baby luis and er, less talented Eduardo Guerrero are good fights from his best days htat are up on youtube.Gives a more rounded view on his abilites, as saldivar was a tough stylistic match being a southpaw staight puncher against orthodox jabber, even putting talent aside.
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