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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by MadcapMaxie View Post
Yeah boxers back then only did exercises that would be beneficial to a boxer. Running, sparring, skipping, speed and heavy bag plus push ups, sit ups, wrist and neck exercises was basically all that was done, because that was all that was needed. Additional exercises like swimming, rowing and axe training all had benefits to a boxer compared to something like bicep curl which has no benefits beyond aesthetics.
I think that this is a very interesting point. I can remember many years ago, where a mate of mine, who was about the same strength as me, before he went on a steroid and weight lifting kick to the point where he could lift probably twice as much as me, maybe more. I never have really lifted weights for the simple reason that i find them boring and am too lazy. I was at the time though able to do 100 pushups and sit ups with ease (at a very fast pace) and i could run as fast as anyone. Naturally he was probably about 5 kg bigger than me but at the time he was probably about 20-25 kg.

I can remember that one night he had just bought some knew gadget where you had to pull it out and push it in as many times as you could. He told me how hard it was when I laughed at hims because he could not do any more than about 20 or so. We agreed to a challenge and i ended up doing 21 with ease. (admittedly i may have cheated a bit by using my back and body rather than the strict technique that was supposed to be used). NOt happy at losing (we had the challenger a couple of times), he challenged me to an arm wrestle to determine superiority. Again, i beat him (to my surprise).

The point being, that the weight lifting he did had massive benefits for strength, but it seemed to benefit certain areas more. In boxing terms, I think this is born out. It must improve a punch a bit, but not to the extent that it improves ability to do other things such as lifting. I am not convinced that the current gym trainers wouldnt be better off going out and doing some heavy yard work or furniture removal or something similar to achieve the same results without the weight gain. Although maybe i am wrong.

My personal theory is that the problem with most weight training is that weight lift technique requires lifting only with the arm muscle for example where as proper punching requires use of the back shoulder leg etc. If i was training full time and required a weight lifting resume, i think i would have to limit it to throwing punches with weights in my hand, and maybe running or sparring with strap on weights. Anything else would seem wasteful to me. But maybe i am wrong.
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