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Default Re: Arum turns down Schaefer's Offer for Donaire-Mares and Matthysse-Rios

Originally Posted by Lance_Uppercut View Post
Learn to properly understand what you are reading Rudy. Nothing I posted was in defense of Arum. Just how long have you been into boxing? You are aware there's always talk of the potential next bout immedaitely after a guy fights? But it's actually rare a guy fights then has his next fight signed immediately. Besides, when I posted this, Nonito had NOT even fought yet. FFS, LOOK what I posted. Only in the mind of a re****, what I said equals defense.
Shut your old stubborn ass up and take your fraud ass back into hiding...So what was your point of even trying to argue if your sorry ass wasnt trying to defend Arum you *****??

Thats all you do, shoot off pure non-sense and then when the old hag you so desperately defend, makes you look like a dumb you come back and try to unleash your pathetic, lame insults.

Cant wait for your *****ass to comeback with another long winded post full of your usually sorry bull****!
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