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Default why are girls SO LAZY at the gym????

this came to me when
me and 2 buddies were in a magazine store

and who is a social work tells the other
look at all the mags, all this pressure on girls to
be thin or curvy etc
that is why girls often starve themselves,etc

the other friend who is a personal trainer
goes "girls starve themselves because they are ****ing lazy"

and while the social worker looked stocked
i understood that the statement was true

while there is more pressure on girls to look good then guys

go to any mainstream fitness gym at anytime of the day

you will see at least 5-6 guys to every girl

and from the girls in the gym(usually european or latin or persian girls,) 6 or 7 out of 10 are reality

doing **** all, like going super slow on cardio machine
or lifting 2 pounds weights.

they lift super easy 2 pounds because they will say they dont want to look like a bodybuilder lol

and on cardio machines, many of them look like they are scared to sweat,lol

and if you talk to them, they will always have an excuse
why they are doing **** all lol

the only time you may see them working semi hard is in group glasses where again, its easier to work in a group then by yourself

and many girls can go to a gym for years and not know anything about working out....

granted some girls do work hard, and usually look awesome
and in shape, but
they are the minority,

because most are too lazy to even to go the gym,
and from the ones that do 7 out of 10, are super lazy and bored looking in it
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