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Default Re: PPV for Froch v Kessler - Telegraph!!!!

Originally Posted by Boxalot View Post
I can't believe what i'm reading on this thread?!

Are people seriously complaining about having to pay 15 to see one of the most highly anticipated fights in boxing between two proud warriors who deserve a payday as much as anyone in the sport?
No fighter ever 'deserves' a payday. They earn them. Don't even think Kessler needs this financially, he seems to make good money at home taking on people like Allan Green.

I could probably name a dozen fights (if not more) that I'd like to see before Froch/Kessler. It's a good fight but not one I'm counting down the days to.

And boxing fans should complain about paying an extra 15. For too long promoters have token us for mugs and put shows on PPV that aren't worth it. And they've known that the fans will pay regardless. Well **** that. Time that attitude changed.
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