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Default Re: **** Kirks ESB Championships 2013 ****

Originally Posted by kirk View Post
Robney and Beast

* The easiest, simplest solution, and the one that makes the most sense, is having whoever picks the stoppage closest to the round it actually happens in, wins that round.

We dont have to do it for this fight if you guys dont want to. Its up to Beast, hes the defending champ so I will let him decide whether to put it into effect for the last rounds or not.

But from this fight on, that will be a rule. It makes too much sense to not have in there, and would help make rounds decisive in a huge way.

As it stands, if Matthysse stops Dallas in the first, or in the 10th, its a draw round.
In the new rules if he stops Dallas in the first, beast would win the round and if he stopped him in the 10th, Robney would win.

Like I said though, that only takes effect in this fight if champion allows.... but it will be in the next title fight. It would eliminate many draw rounds.
I believe Robney wants to have it under the rules we started with, and I agree.
You should have some kind balance between the types of picking UD/TKO.
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