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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by Synthetic Decay View Post
Doing Olympic lifts with proper technique will add to power, strength and coordination.

Sprinters, footballers, clued up boxers all do compound movements.

Compound movements are nothing but beneficial, squats, deads, bench will build all round strength.

Doing reps and reps of an isolation exercise like curls isn't going to help you much no.

Also arm wrestling is very technical and some people have far more natural aptitude for it than others.
I'll back this.

I'm rather large and rather ripped, thanks to very knowledgeable people around me training me, and this is pretty much what we do. I haven't done a curl in camp in a decade.

And agreed on the arm wrestling. I've armwrestled Johnny Brzenk, him for fun, me for curiosity. That little SOB pulled me so fast my head spinned.
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