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Default Re: PPV for Froch v Kessler - Telegraph!!!!

Originally Posted by Boxalot View Post
Because it was in a massive arena and sold a student amount of tickets.

It's taken 2million to get Kessler over here and he deserves every penny imo. If it means the fight is on PPV then that's fine with me, whatever it takes to get the fight made. It's one of the best, most even fights that can be made at the moment and it's not like we're paying out for PPV every month like they do in the US. In fact, what was the last PPV? Haye vs Klitschko? 18 months ago now.
Exactly, Frank worked out how to make Joe/Kessler work without PPV. He got 30k plus in the Millenium stadium and got HBO on board.

What's happened here is Froch has been demanding a home fight against Kessler. Eddie's worked out he can't make the numbers work without having this on PPV. If Froch was willing to travel to Denmark again then Eddie wouldn't have to fork out all this extra money and finance that through PPV and we might have got the fight on Sky Sports.

That just shows that from a financial point of view the natural venue for this fight is still Denmark. So we could still have had a Froch/Kessler II without PPV. Look at a fighter like Orlando Salido, he beat JuanMa in Puerto Rico. You'd think the rematch would be in the US or Mexico but no, they realised the money was still in Puerto Rico so he went there again and knocked out Lopez again. Salido didn't bleat on about home advantage, he went out again and did his job.

America's a different market and they don't have big PPV's every month or even every other month. The only two fighters that fight exclusively on PPV are Mayweather and Pacquiao. So that's three PPV cards a year. Then last year they also had Martinez/Chavez Jr. So they had just 4 big PPV cards last year.
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