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Default Re: **** Kirks ESB Championships 2013 ****

Originally Posted by kirk View Post
Ok, sounds good

Real quick though.

I dont view it as between UD and TKO

I think thats the wrong way to see it.

More accuratly, its

Decision vs stoppage

Decision - UD, MD, SD, Draw
Stoppage - Right now its simply trying to get a round from the actual round or have it spot on

Anyways, this is just my .02 on it

We will finish out these rounds with the initial rules, no problem
MD, SD, Draw, are quite rare and hard to predict, infinite more easy do pick a round closer to the actual KO round. You still don't have a equality. It's just my opinion that we should at least give a chance to the one who guesses the exactly right average or one of the scorecards (whatever you fancies) to actually win his UD pick over another UD pick.
You can win a round even tough your opponent picked the same outcome(TKO) but you can't win a round when you both pick a UD. It's just my opinion, and just take it as a suggestion. I'd be okay with whatever you decide to do.

Oh and if you can do anything to speed up the length(in days) of the title fights, even just a little bit, would love it.
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